Robotics in Everyday Life

Designing robotic applications for everyday use.
Robots in Everyday Life was a Future Applications Lab (Viktoria Institute) project from 2004-2005, part of the European Union ECAgents project, where we explored applications for embodied agents with emergent behaviours. Agents can be physical robots providing services for humans in everyday settings or can populate a network of various IT-artefacts. We focused specifically on enabling rich emerging interactions between humans and EC (embodied and communicating) artefacts in everyday settings, as a next stage in the deployment of ubiquitous computing in the physical world. The part of the project in which I was involved consisted of determining design approaches to this topic and of gathering a portfolio of design proposals for possible applications. Together with Sara Ljungblad, I worked on determining these design approaches and supervised students during the design sketching process. I was also an assistant at an international workshop on the topic that took place at the Viktoria Institute in 2005.

Project Website: ECAgents Project Page – Future Applications Lab
Project Lead: Lars Erik Holmquist, Sara Ljungblad, Lalya Gaye, Mattias Jacobsson (Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute)
Students: Anna Persson, Pierre Proske, Mattias Rickardsson (IT-University in Göteborg), Kavita Thomas (University of Edinburgh), Katarina Walter (Linköping University)