Total Recall

In-place viewing of whiteboard annotations. Total Recall was a Future Applications Lab project from 2002-2003 that explored new potential forms of ubiquitous displays in work environments. By using a hand-held PC as a movable window to digital space, we could display captured whiteboard annotations in the same place as they were made. This enabled new collaborative applications based on familiar interaction styles.

My contribution to this project consisted of determining technical requirements, hacking an ultra-sound positioning system in order to enable the in-place positioning and retrieval of the annotations, and of starring in the project video!

This project was published at CHI 2003 (see publication below) and was the winner of the CHI fringe competition that year. The infrastructure behind Total Recall was further used later on in other of the lab’s projects, in the development of more sophisticated ubiquitous displays that were presented at SIGGRAPH’s Emerging Technologies in 2005.

Project Website: Total Recall – Future Applications Lab
Project Team: Future Applications Lab: Lars Erik Holmquist, Johan Sanneblad, Lalya Gaye
Publication: Holmquist, L.E., Sanneblad, J., Gaye, L. Total Recall: In-Place Viewing of Captured Whiteboard Annotations. CHI 2003, Fort Lauderdale, USA (2003). [pdf]