Mobile Music Technology Course at the Summer School in Sound and Music Computing


In 2007, I was one of the two main teachers at the EU-funded International Summer School in Sound and Music Computing 2007, held at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. (Heads of the summer school: Prof. Sten Ternström and Dr. Roberto Bresin)

The goal of the annual Summer Schools in Sound and Music Computing is to promote interdisciplinary education and research in the field of Sound and Music Computing (SMC). It is aimed at graduate students working on their Master or PhD thesis, but is open to any person carrying out research in this field. The two topics chosen for the 2007 were “Neurosciences and Music” and “Mobile Music Technology“, with a focus on their particular methodologies and research strategies, and with lectures presenting these particular methodologies and their application in music-related problems.

My role during the school was to give the students in-depth insight into the field of mobile music and locative audio and to supervise hands-on activities. My lectures were one of the main parts of the summer school, besides other lectures given about neuroscience and music, hands-on student projects in groups, and panel debates. During my lectures, I gave an overview of existing technologies, and introduced design and prototyping methods. The lectures were completed with audiovisual material, a live demonstration of an ad hoc mobile music sharing system called Push!Music developed by my colleagues of the time at the Viktoria Institute, short tutorials with existing technologies (QRCodes markers and Python), as well as a literature compendium of relevant texts about ubiquitous computing, locative media, key projects and design and prototyping methods widely used in the field of human-computer interaction. In parallel with the lectures, I supervised hands-on group activities where students developed a design proposal of a mobile music application during the period of a week.

More information on this webpage.
Resource website: Powerpoint slides, list of literature and mini-project presentation (without corresponding sound files, for copyrights reasons) [link]