Collaborative networked photography. In BashoCam, networked still cameras enable remote friends to engage in a collaborative performance by contributing to rhythmical loops of photographs taken on the spot. As the loops spread through different paths in people’s social networks, different picture narratives unfold. The BashoCam cameras were first prototyped on a Tablet PC (see publication below), and are now fully implemented on networked camera-PDAs. BashoCam was presented at CHI 2006 in Montréal, Canada, where I also informally demoed the final implementation of the cameras.

BashoCam was developed while I was working at the Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute. I was the project initiator and leader and was responsible for the concept development, design process, and testing with users. BashoCam was part of the Picture This! project that aimed at taking digital photography to the next level by developing new types of physical interactions with cameras, of visual representation, and of hybrid picture-viewing (see also Context Photography). Picture This! contributed to gathering knowledge about the potentials of ubiquitous computing in enabling new creative behaviours and aesthetic practices.

Project website: Picture This! BashoCam – Future Applications Lab (to be updated)
Project team: Lalya Gaye (Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute), Svante Hermansson (Art & Technology programme, IT-University in Göteborg), Mattias Rost (Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute)
Publication: Gaye L., Hermansson S., Holmquist L.E. BashoCam: Collective Photographic Sequencing in Wireless P2P Networks. CHI 2006, Montréal, Canada (2006). [pdf] [poster pdf]