Following other people’s trails of experiences. To “get in the shoes” of strangers when crossing their paths and to experience trails of their lives: people leaving a personal trail along a path (e.g. the music they are listening to, their heartbeat in a haptic form, etc), as well as discovering and following the trails of others around them. Track was a week-long locative media group project developed in 2005 during the PLAN (Pervasive and Locative Arts Network) technology workshop at the Mixed-Reality Lab, University of Nottingham, UK.

The Track concept was prototyped with video scenarios, a PDA prototype, and a wizard-of-oz experience prototype. It brought new ideas about the sharing of personal space with strangers in the complex social setting of public space. I participated in developing the concept and contributed with developing user experience, scenarios, as well as videos and experience prototypes.

Project Team
Marek Bell, Malcolm Hall (Equator Glasgow)
Adam Drozd (Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham)
Lalya Gaye (formerly at Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute)
Iain Mott (sound artist)
Karl-Petter Åkesson (SICS)

Project Website: Track