Motstånd?! – Creative Electronic Workshops

Motstånd?! was a series of creative DIY electronic workshops that some friends and I started in 2004, where we taught beginners and artists basic skills in low-fi audio and hardware hacking, in a local café and a gallery in Göteborg. The participants brought toys or junk boxes with them, we provided them with tools and low-tech electronic components (no computers or microcontrollers involved), and taught them basic skills such as soldering and circuit bending. Then we let them play around with low-tech electronic and see creative potentials with it, helping them make things that could move around or make noises.

motstand_ltMotstånd I – Hack Your Toys! (2004). The theme of the first workshop was to transform cheap electronic toys into useless but cute inventions. It mostly involved hardware hacking and circuit bending: people got to hack simple electronic toys and modify toy synthesizers. One participant for example connected a toy dog on wheels to a cassette-player and controlled its movements by pressing play, stop and rewind.
Project Team: Alex Berman & Lalya Gaye (Dånk! Collective), Jonas Frankki (Kollage), Dylan Tinlun Chan (Art & Technology programme, IT-University in Göteborg)
Location: Pustervik, Göteborg (in collaboration with
More information available on this webpage.

Motstånd II: Attack of the PANTS (Portable Art Noise Things) (2005). In Motstånd II, participants got to build Personal Art Noise Things (PANTs): portable audio units with contact microphones and speakers made out of junk boxes. PANTs consisted of a contact microphone built from a piezo element, run through a cheap battery powered amplifier, out through speakers David picked up at a local market for about 3 SEK apiece, packaged in whatever the participants brought with them: ice creme boxes, coffee canisters, milk cartons. These units could amplify small noises of everyday life as well as become music instruments when scratching the contact microphone of the speaker membrane. Workshop participants would amplify their voice by putting the microphone on their throat; make feedback percussion by tapping the mic on the metal of the speaker or housing; produce whale sounds from feedback by putting the mic on the speaker membrane; use their PANT as guitar, mobilephone or keyharp amplification; eavesdrop through windows, build amplification chains by amplifying someone who is amplifying someone who is amplifying… The workshop ended with everyone playing music with the PANTs by amplifying their mobilephone ringtones, making loops with other people’s boxes…
Project Team: Lalya Gaye (Dånk! Collective), Tobias Good (Oiido), David McCallum aka sintheta
Location: Big Love Gallery, Hisingen, Göteborg (In collaboration with [fringe] and HUGS.)
More information, videos and pictures available at Sintheta’s project page, this photo gallery and on this webpage